Over 100 Years of Quality Teaching


Our examination results speak for themselves. Examinations are available for all pupils and students who wish to take them. We embrace the examination system as a positive reflection of developing technique, artistry and performance. Examinations are a record of achievement and a wonderful way to celebrate success in learning.

We offer at least two IDTA (International Dance Teachers’ Association) Examination Centres each year. All examinations are recognised awards / qualifications regulated by Ofqual and The Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET). Opportunities are available for the youngest children to take their first Rosette Awards led by their teacher throughout the test in front of the Examiner, an exciting introduction to the system  that is informal yet is a first step of achievement. Older children have a range of graded examinations to enter right through to the major syllabi and then professional performance and teaching qualifications. Graded and Professional Examinations attract points that can be added to a candidate’s National Record of Achievement and these can be accumulated to add to UCAS scores.

The Orme School has a rich history of providing top quality, respected and highly qualified teachers who are now teaching across the country and in many countries around the world.

At The Orme School we have acknowledged throughout our history the benefits of high quality teaching, leading to nationally recognised qualifications appropriate to the industry and valuable as a record of achievement in whatever path our students embark upon. Many jobs have been had on the back of a pile of dancing certificates because an employer has recognised dedication and determination.

We have the expertise to enable our dancers to achieve the highest level of award right up to Advanced 2 Professional and also Fellowship Teaching Degree.

Success is the outcome and this leads to confidence, a determination to continue and an ever growing skill set that can be used in all walks of life.