Over 100 Years of Quality Teaching

Adult Dance

The school has a number of classes for Adult dancers either those with previous experience who wish to return to dance or the complete beginner. Our Adult Tap Classes consistently draw the greatest applause at Showtime events and whether they choose to just do the weekly class or dare to go public all of them have a thoroughly enjoyable experience. A weekly physical exercise session and an informal welcoming feel means that many of our adults stay with us for many years and make some really good friends in the process.    


Ballet is to dance what the alphabet is to reading. Once the body has been classically trained the transition to other subjects is seamless. Balletic technique encourages elegance, beautiful flowing movement and hence physical confidence.

For the smallest children it is all about having a lovely time, making new friends, having fun and enjoyment and so looking forward to the next class. Once this is established it is all about slipping in the syllabus unnoticed wrapped around nursery characters, mime and free expression.


Tap is ever popular and very much a current dance form. Singing in the Rain and 42nd Street bringing it to the West End Stage again. Tap develops musicality and a strong sense of rhythm. Many different styles of music accompany tap dancing today, however the ever exciting Jazz Rhythms that inspired the early tap dancers are still engaging and creative.

For the smallest children the chance to make lots of noise exploring the first few steps and rhythms is great fun. As they progress, tap dancing encourages understanding of musical counting and construction. Most of our young children study both ballet and tap being both complimentary and diversely different subjects.

Contemporary Dance

We are fortunate to have a specialist Contemporary Dance teacher on our staff. Contemporary Dance is the preferred dance style for Key Stage 3 and 4 study and at Degree Level. Our classes are aimed at secondary school students who wish to augment their study at key stage 3, GCSE and A Level. Timetables in schools are often very tight and the opportunity to gain extra practise and to develop both performance and choreographic skills further is invaluable. We encourage these young people to explore the subject widely with visits to professional performances in the local area.

Musical Theatre

The ability to perform using multiple skills dancing and singing is the expected norm for the industry. Quality amateur and professional groups require confident performers in all disciplines.

Our Musical Theatre Groups provide the opportunity to develop a multi-disciplined approach so that pupils can confidently approach auditions and performances. What a great time these youngsters have, these sessions are really well enjoyed and very vibrant.

Gymnastic Dance

Our Gymnastic Dance Classes are designed particularly for the younger children, reception class age and upwards. These classes broaden the opportunities and choice of dance styles for these children and provide something a little bit different for them in the years during which they are too young to join the Modern Jazz classes. The strength and agility that they will develop will lead them easily into the Modern Jazz syllabus when they are old enough and also bring new skills to the ballet and tap classes they may already be doing.

All younger children love to try out forward rolls, cartwheels, bridges and handstands. We introduce them to these elements carefully using the correct safety equipment and placing great emphasis on safe execution by ensuring individual attention is given to each child’s different abilities and extending these to full potential.

The children will cover a range of skills including balance, co-ordination, flexibility and strength using the specialist format of the IDTA Syllabus. These classes provide a fusion of the skills of the gymnast and those of the dancer thus providing the children with the skills to perform. Most of all these classes are great fun!

Specialist Pointe Work

Our ballet students, once we have assessed their strength and physical ability to safely embark upon pointe work study, have the opportunity to access specialist pointe work classes to enable them to confidently move to the technically skilled performance required for this discipline. Our students are fitted for their shoes by qualified fitters at sessions booked specifically for our students. The principal always attends these sessions to advise and encourage our students.

Most ballet dancers dream of their first pointe shoes and first pointe work performance, we have a proven track record of high quality teaching in this area and our students excel in and enjoy this highly specialised dance form.

Music Tuition

Individual instrumental lessons in piano, flute and clarinet can be arranged through the school. ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) Examinations are available to our students. There is the opportunity to take part in public performance sessions which are arranged for students three times a year. Excellent exam results are achieved through qualified ABRSM Teachers. Further details at www.manhattanmusiccoventry.com     

Guitar and Ukulele Classes for Adults and Children are available for beginners or the more experienced players, again performance opportunities are arranged.

Modern Jazz

Modern Jazz is the ‘icing on the cake subject’ and all our youngsters look forward to joining these classes as soon as they can. Classes are lively, noisy, energetic and full of fun, everyone wants to do them!

Children often start to study Modern Jazz when they are a little older and their physical structure is stronger. This is a strong dance style. The original IDTA syllabus having been developed by the dancers of the original West Side Story inspired by the Jerome Robbins choreography. Much development has taken place over the years and the latest major syllabus was created by the choreographer and IDTA Examiner Phil Winston. The subject opens up many new opportunities for dancers and combines some of the skills from the ballet and tap syllabi.