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Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy

Last Review Date ; May 2018

Associated Documents; General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Parent/Student Information and Permission Letter, CDET Guidelines,

IDTA Guidelines and Advice,

ICO Guidelines and Best Practice Advice


The Principal’s Statement of Policy

The Principal undertakes to take all reasonable steps to; protect the personal data of all students and children,

store information securely,  destroy information properly,  provide access to information in accordance with the law, treat information with care and confidentiality.


Specific Responsibilities and Requirements

The Data Protection Coordinator is currently Sandra Clarke.

This Policy applies to all staff, volunteers, helpers and professionals.

We receive updated information on the law and best practice advice from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) via the Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET) and The International Dance Teachers’ Association (IDTA).  


Collection and Maintenance of Accurate Data

Personal Detail Forms are the main collection point for contact details and communication data. Updates will be made whenever we are notified. Checks are made of this information at all examination sessions which take place 2/3 times a year. Most importantly this is the place where Special Needs Information is collected.


Parents and students are encouraged to ensure that they keep us notified of all changes.  

Assessment Information is shared with all Teaching Staff at Staff Meetings to enable them to give our pupils the best learning experience, tailor teaching to each individual’s needs and ensure that the most appropriate strategies are employed within each class. Staff will treat pupils’ progress information with the confidentiality that it deserves and information will be shared professionally and with care.

Data from External Monitoring of Pupils’ work via Examinations.

Student and Pupil examination history, their marks for each defined level, and dates examinations were taken are provided by the IDTA and recorded and kept for use within the staff team to drive progress forward and maintain standards.     


Sharing Information and Keeping Information Secure

Any written or verbal information used within the school is covered by

The Data Protection Act 1998 and will remain confidential at all times.  

However it should be understood that there may be occasions where information will be shared as part of our legal responsibility to inform on matters of safeguarding. Information may then be shared with agencies such as the Police, Social Services or the NSPCC.

Information such as date of birth, name, evidence of Special Needs leading to Special Requirements at Examinations will be shared with the IDTA in order to provide evidence of eligibility to enter examinations. The IDTA will have their own Policy and are similarly covered by the GDPR and Data Protection Act 1998.  


Storing and Access to Information

Paper documents will be locked in a cupboard when they are unattended and will only be shared with those who need to see the information. Computer records are stored with password protection and security and anti-virus software appropriate to the safe keeping of information. Anyone that deals with personal information will have been properly vetted for their suitability through DBS/CRB checks.

Records both paper and computer will be destroyed or deleted when they are no longer relevant or needed.

Students and parents can ask to access the information that the school holds for them at any time.

Contact the Data Coordinator at ormedance@outlook.com.   

We understand that  – Failure to comply with confidentiality and data protection is serious and may result in disciplinary action and is breaking the law.