Over 100 Years of Quality Teaching

Show Time


Our Showtime Events are always a highlight. We recognised a long time ago the importance of regular performance opportunities. Showtime gives pupils a chance to show their parents and friends their growing technical skills, provides a focus to work towards and balances the ongoing syllabus and examination work with the excitement of performance; 

Lights, Camera, Action!    

Everyone is given this opportunity not just the most talented students, we firmly believe that dance is for everyone and the sheer pleasure in the eyes of our pupils and students confirms that this is the case. Whether it is a delighted 2 year old in their first tutu, the skilled ballet student showing their first pointe work variation or The Glee Musical Theatre Troupe singing their hearts out the fun shines through.

Showtime is a wonderful celebration of the whole school family coming together to support each other and to enable everyone to have a thoroughly fabulous time. This is an important part of the school’s work, enabling parents and carers the opportunity to see the progress of their children’s work and generally to monitor and evaluate the school’s attainment and standards.