Over 100 Years of Quality Teaching


“We have been able to watch our two girls blossom from infants into young ladies at The Orme School. It is a pleasure for our children to have a hobby which they are continually proud and happy to go to. We have seen our daughters grow in confidence over the years as classes have provided them not only with the chance to learn new skills but also to form new friendships. They have gained a sense of responsibility, achievement and discipline and have had great fun too. The annual dance shows are one of the girls’ favourite times of year and continue to provide our family with a precious store of wonderful memories. We truly feel that lessons at The Orme School of Dancing have been, and continue to be, an important part of our daughters’ development.”

Mrs. Caroline Freeman-Cuerden

“My daughter loves dancing at The Orme School. The staff are friendly and she has great fun. The quality of the dancing is amazing, particularly in the older children; they inspire her to continue to work hard. The Glee Musical Theatre Club gives her the chance to sing and dance in a more relaxed way. She loves it!”

Mrs.Rebecca Jones

“I’d never had dance lessons in my life and at the age of 50+ decided to have a go at tap dancing. (My favourite style).
I’d never really afforded myself the time, (always something else needed doing!)
Sandra said “come and give it a go”… so I did. I haven’t looked back!
That was just over a year ago, I’ve danced in our show (haven’t had butterflies for years!!!) and enjoyed every moment. I’ve made new friends, and it’s a great way to keep fit.
A warm welcome awaits you!”

Ellie Lyons-White

“The Orme School of Dancing is amazing. It nurtures a love of Dance and performance whilst maintaining high standards of excellence in an inclusive and supportive environment. Exam results are outstanding and the Dance Shows are wonderful. Our daughter simply loves Orme, as do we. A true Dance family.”

Claire Cook

“I love being part of the Orme school family.  Sandra and her team value us all equally whether we are sweet toddlers, agile teenagers or, like me, an overweight granny trying to relive childhood dreams.  Sandra has high expectations of all of us whatever our age, build or ability and if we have a passion to dance and are prepared to put the work in, then Sandra will make dancers of us.  I’ve returned to tap and ballet after very many years but wish I had found the Orme School sooner.  I enjoy the physical and mental challenges of learning new steps and love seeing how much progress we are making. I’ve also made some great friends, we work hard but we have a lot of fun.”

Sue Clayden

“Make new friends, have fun, get fit and even take part in a show! Adult tap dancing is for everyone even Grandmas like me”

Val Martin

“This is my last lesson before going off to University to study Drama and Acting, I want to thank you so deeply for all that you’ve done for me over the last few years. When I joined I thought I was too old to start dancing. Dance has not only allowed me to gain qualifications but also to make friends and memories. It’s allowed me to escape from thinking and put my emotion into it and for that I want to thank you.”

Katie McChleery

“I started tap classes at the Orme School of dancing in November 2015 partly to help me over the loss of my mother and a desire to try all those things I really wanted to do and not leave these things until it is too late (I’m 54!!). From the first contact with the School Sandra has been welcoming and encouraging. I began ballet classes the following year, again as a complete beginner and again have absolutely loved the experience. Learning to dance has been challenging and exciting, and taking part in the show is a wonderful way to celebrate the experience and make new friends along the way. The Orme School is inclusive of everyone, regardless of natural ability, size or anything else that may lead to people feeling excluded. All the younger pupils in the school have been welcoming and encouraging to us older pupils! The experience has been a real challenge but so much fun.”

Liz Potts

“After months of searching for adult dance classes in ballet, jazz and tap I was glad to come across The Orme School of Dancing. I must admit it took me a few weeks to pluck up the courage to give it a try as I had not danced for some time and I was unsure of what to expect. When I finally made it through the door I was made to feel extremely welcome and any anxieties that I had were immediately put at ease. This was in 2008 and I have been attending Sandra’s classes ever since, her detailed, calm and thorough teaching style is much to be admired. At the age of 36 I am delighted to be able to continue my much loved childhood passion, and each year I thoroughly look forward to showtime!! ”

Jo Curran

“The Orme School teachers are incredibly supportive, providing words of encouragement along with constructive comments to help pupils develop. A very welcoming and inclusive school where everyone enjoys and shares their passion for dancing.”

Katherine Willis

“I joined the seniors class at The Orme School about 10 years ago after being out of dancing for 10 years before that. I was instantly made to feel welcome and part of the group and I have made some great friends there. The standard of teaching is excellent and I find Sandra to be very patient (much needed in my case!) I very much enjoy my time at dancing and am glad that the entire school has the opportunity to take part in the annual show which is always fun to do.”

Michelle Schmucki

“After having some time off from dancing I was nervous about starting back. Sandra and the whole school were very welcoming and I have enjoyed the last year immensely and look forward to each class.”

Toni-Anne Howard

“I have been at The Orme School since I was very young and have found it very supportive, enthusiastic and extremely rewarding. Dancing here is really enjoyable and I love coming to class every week. There is something for everyone!”

Eve Barnes

“A very welcoming class, I am so lucky to have found which I very much enjoy.”

Susan Bowers

“The Orme School is great at motivating me and it really lets me show my creativity.”

“The Orme School of Dancing is a part of my life which I would never give up. It’s been a fun, enjoyable experience which has allowed me to express myself.”

“The Orme School of Dancing is a great way to have fun and to keep fit with your friends.”

“I have been dancing with The Orme School of Dancing for the past 11 years and I think that in itself is praise to the school. I’ve had no end of enjoyment and I couldn’t imagine dancing with anybody else.”

“I really enjoy going to dancing each week. I especially like the show each year where we can perform to parents and friends. I have been going to The Orme School of Dancing for 10 years and I feel that I have really improved.”

“It’s really nice dancing at The Orme School of Dancing because the classes are so personal and everyone has a chance to shine.”

“The Orme School of Dancing accepted me for the dancer of my ability and helped me become the best I could. Thank you!”

Monday Senior Ballet Class